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Should You Apply for a Job If You Don't Possess All the Required Experience?

Job descriptions can be intimidating, but they often reflect an "ideal" situation. No one is expected to meet 100 percent of the job requirements.


To determine whether it's viable to apply,  focus only on the minimum, not desired or preferred requirements. Next, identify the specific skills needed to perform those tasks and responsibilities.


Then evaluate whether you have demonstrated those skills by looking at your past (and present, if applicable) experience.


Break down the steps involved in those responsibilities, including any projects you worked on, to identify the skills you used. Then compare to the job in question.

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Those that are common are your transferable skills. Keep in mind that it's important to use key words associated with that role when describing transferrable skills.


Last, assess where your skills don't transfer and evaluate the extent of gaps to decide whether to apply. Having only one of five years of preferred experience, for example, is too far of a stretch.


On the other hand, if you've worked with databases, just not a particular software, shift the emphasis to your years of experience, notable accomplishments, and, of course,  all the applications you do have expertise with.


Bottom line: Don't rule yourself out too quickly. Dig deeper and you may surprise yourself.


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