Boost Your Career

Are you passed up for promotions?

Are you getting interviews, but no job offers?

Do you struggle with translating your skills for a
different job/role?

Do you clearly convey the real value you
offer to employers in a compelling way?

Whatever your situation, I can guide your career and help you stand out from the crowd, leveraging my corporate branding experience with several Fortune 500 companies.

One of my strengths is in helping clients draw much more from their experiences and convey it in a way that’s more compelling, differentiating.

People tend to minimize what they’ve done and the value they offer – often because it feels boastful. They also often struggle with describing the magnitude or impact of those achievements. That’s where an objective outsider can help.

"If you’ve found yourself in career transition, I highly recommend working with Karen to improve your search efforts.

She was incredibly helpful, asking insightful questions and providing sound advice as we developed fresh and targeted messaging about my skills and experience. Karen is smart, responsive, and a true pro!"

I am here to help

Personalized service that entails:

Proactive career strategies

Compelling marketing tools

Confidence-boosting prep


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Years of experience

Missouri family law was one of the first established law firms to specialize in domestic disputes and upholding family law in New York.


Personal and practical

We believe that no two cases are the same. We consider all of our clients’ disputes from an individual perspective and aim to offer practical advice.


Advice and representation

We offer a complete range of legal services under one roof: our team delivers everything from advisory counsel to full court representation.

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