How I Can Boost Your Career

Proactive Career Strategies

Compelling Marketing Tools

Upgrade (or creation) of your personal marketing materials
to strategically position and distinguish your expertise.

Elevator Speech
A compelling "pitch" to build your introductions, a resume career summary, and LinkedIn headline.

Networking Bio
Condensed promotional folio that summarizes your target jobs, companies and industries for your contacts.

A format and process that showcases your core expertise and relevant successes to boost your credibility.

LinkedIn Profile
A personal approach that brings out your personality to better engage with readers and cultivate relationships.

Making every point of contact count, from cover letters to thank you notes.

Succinct, impactful presentations to build your credibility during interviews, performance reviews and other forums.

Confidence-Boosting Coaching

Guidance, support and rehearsal to
help you make a great impression as
you network and  "audition" for jobs, promotions, and performance reviews.

Interview Readiness
How to identify interviewers' priorities, position your experience, and frame your responses.

Performance Appraisal Prep
A process to help you discover and showcase the magnitude of what you've accomplished.

Sounding Board & General Counsel
Guidance at every step in your  journey. 

Got a Quick Question?

"Express Consult" is an alternative to hourly coaching. Use the Contact form to reach out.

Direction and support whether you seek greater responsibility, a career change – or just need to get a job.  

Career Options Assessment
How to identify options and determine what's most viable to pursue. Includes gap analysis and positioning of transferrable skills.

Personal Marketing Plan
A plan to promote your unique promise of value to hiring managers, boss and colleagues, senior management, and other key decision-makers.

Professional Development Plan
Clarifying your ambitions and a path to get you there.

Networking Strategy
Goal-setting, who to connect with and how to approach, and guidance on using LinkedIn.

Job Creation Strategies
How to explore opportunities and propose a new role to address those needs.

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